History of Firmstone Manor

A rich tapestry of facts, rumors, secrets, mysteries, eccentric and murderous characters along with the genteel, intertwine to make up the history of Firmstone Manor and the Longdale Historic District where it is located.

Longdale Furnace played a significant role in the development of industry in the South, the Civil War, development of the railroad and even shipbuilding.

The following is just a short light introduction into its fascinating history.

In 1822 Alleghany County was created (An interesting historical note declares that there is ample evidence to show that Alleghany County was to be called Pocahontas, but a clerk mixed up documents, wrote it in wrong, and the mistake stuck).

In 1827 an enterprising Col. John Jordan and John Irvine erected the Lucy Selina Furnace (named after their wives) to take advantage of the rich iron ore deposits in these beautiful mountains. Lack of technical knowledge did not deter them from making this investment.

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